Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (CO, NCO):
Your Officers are to be respected in every situation; including when playing on public servers. The Command of the most senior Commander is to be followed: meaning that the highest ranking officer's word is law.Only Officers are allowed to advise members on disbehaviour,meaning that none of those whom are in the ranks are allowed to punish a lower ranking ranker for incorrect behaviour.
NOTE: Should a CO, or NCO talk you are not to speak over them, and are to grant them the word.

Permission to Speak (PTS):
Permission to speak is a situational rule, normally applied during Training, Linebattle and/or any other formal event. This rule however can be actived by an CO, or NCO at his lesiure, should the situation require such: the meaning of this rule is that if you wish to speak you are required to request PTS, and a CO or NCO will grant or deny you your PTS. The reason for this rule is such that; during any event that PTS is active for; concentration is required for everyone and that only vital comuncation should be relayed at the time of PTS, this allows he who is commanding to focus, and those who are being commanded to be aware that they should pay heed to any voice transmitted. If your PTS does not get granted or denied, you can ask again after a short while, but avoid spaming it.
Suggestions are welcome; when they are done outside of training sessions and battle situations. Suggestions regarding tactics, formations and so forth can be brought to a CO or NCO after training and battles. Suggestions like "let us go left" are not permitted; for the commander knows what he is doing and it is highly likely that the commander during a battle is under orders from high command.

NOTE: This applies for both voice, and text comunication; such as server typing.
NOTE: during a charge PTS is not active.

Regiment Tag, Rank and Name:
While playing Napoleonic Wars or joining a Napoleonic Wars related Platform such as Teamspeak3 of any Regiment from the game, all members of the Regiment are suppose to wear the correct Tag and Rank at all time ([KGL]1stHus_Rank_Name orĀ [KGL]5thLB_Rank_Name).
Changing your rank on your own, is a very un-disciplinary action, and is not advisable.
If you change your Name permantly, advise the Regiment about it.

Members of the Regiment are expected to behave as Gentlemen: such behaviour as throwing insults to others, and such other un-disciplinary behaviour is not tolerated in the Regiment; and will result in severe discipline. This applies within the Regiment, and the treating of those outside the Regiment. Such actions as using voice commands, and kicking others in the line are not tolerated, and doing so will result in punishment. Racism and anti-Semitism are again not tolerated. You are a representetive of the Regiment, and are expected to act as such. When visitng another Regiment's server, you are to follow their rules at all times.

In the Regiment you are charged with respecting your comrade in arms; and are not permitted to insult others, rather to tolerate them, to insure that the Regiment is a nice and friendly enviroment and a joyful experience to all.

Anyone is allowed to advertise that the Regiment is recruiting, and are also allowed to advise potential recruits information about the Regiment: Only Officers are allowed to accept someone into the Regiment.